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I love buttons too Christa. I don't think you can ever have enough buttons. They are a staple!
I think you should make a knitted bag out of your too wide scarf. Very pretty yarn and I love your thrifted candy dish. Beautiful and cheap. How can you beat that??


I love all the visions of craftiness here (great photos!) I find myself SOOOOO drawn to do some stitchery, scrapbooking, sewing, whatever, seems anything but oil painting and ya know from reading the walking book, I'm feeling more and more ok with that...used to think a bit like I must paint or nothing. But I have so many interests....anyhoo,

thanks for the lovely buttons. I like it!


buttons - love me some buttons. all kinds and love spilling them out to look for just the right one :-)

Sue McG

LOVE big ol' jars o' buttons - gorgeous!!


Your buttons are so pretty! Along with everything else!! You have such a great touch with colors, and presentation. I am your biggest fan! Keri


Those buttons look great in the jar, the'll be a great decoration that is functional too. I can't wait to see some pics of you art room!!

audrey h.

I love this pic and i love buttons. What I really need to do is start using them and quit hoarding them :o)

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