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These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this techniques with us. I'm going to definitely have to try this!!!! Beautiful. You must have more color in your home than anyone I know...and I love it.


oh my god, ok, can I just say thanks!!!!! I am planning a garden/spring/flower kind of birthday party for my little Camille, she's turning 2 in April...and have been wanting to do an activity or at least decorate, and THIS gives me some much needed inspiration...they loook Great!!! Can't wait to play around.


i remember these :-) so.. did you enter this year?


Never seen handmade flowers this gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial Christa, I certeinly going to try to make these flowers.

amanda bel

These flowers are amazing! I gotta try it!

audrey h.

These are beautiful. I am definitely going to try this and thanks for the heads up on the paper at ACMoore. I never would have thought to look there.

Were you a hall of famer last year? sorry i don't keep up with it. If not, did you try this year?


It's beautiful!!!


oh, those are absolutely magnificent! WOWIE!

Linad Moyes

Gorgeous. Did you use these in your CJ?? They are so cool!

Linda M.


This is Great...Thanks for sharing
this technique with us.
Yours are the colors !



that is so cool


I just wanted to comment about how beautiful your art is. You have a wonderfully expressive talent.

I was searching for a tutorial on paper flowers and found your site. Gorgeous!

I plan on making some and attaching them to hair clips for myself and my daughter. Being a Leo (and therefore loving all things sparkly ) I think I'll add some glitter and glitz.

Thank you again for sharing your amazing talent with everyone!



Thanks for this beautiful technique, I have tried it using rice paper. It was very ticky to do, and i used a hair dryer the help the drying process as the paper i used easy stuck together fast.
Well worth trying out though :)!

flower Philippine

Wow! those flowers were so cute. I love it. Thanks for sharing.


Send Flowers to France

Nice idea! I never try to make a flower tissue before, Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I've got an idea.

Melbourne giftware

awesome! am gonna try this at home. your post actually makes me feel like a child again.:)

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