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What a cutie!!!

audrey h.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....wait, let me say that again....awwwwwwwwwwww :o) How adorable is she and that pic is priceless.

Sue McG

Lizzie is totally adorable - bravo for rescuing her!


you are absolutely gorgeous Miss Lizzie. and i ADORE your name :-) sounds something like, oh, i dont know... LIZZIEBELLE?! :-)
I wanted to cry hearing your story and i actually did get a little misty. your mommy is wonderful to come take you home! have a wonderful life lizzie in your new home. and do you like your sister????


Ohhhhhhh, Lizzie is adorable!!!!!!!!! She and my new kittie, Rascal, are about the same age!!! Wish they could play together!!

Lisa Renea

aha! Precious! I logged in earlier to check out her pic and
got so distracted by the two here, I forgot to comment! This
baby is just too cute. I just adore her kitty eye makeup! Beautiful!


She is adorable..I am in love!! Kerilou

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Hi, I have just found your blog. It looks very nice and I'm enjoying my time visiting here. I just had to comment on Lizzie. She's absolutely adorable! I am another animal lover, who like you, has rescued more than one helpless little one from the pound. Your post almost made me cry, and left me feeling like I wanted to rush out and bring some new family members home. lol Lovely blog, I'm glad I found you, although I can't remember how I did now! lol


Wow. What an adorable kitten and a moving story. I'm so glad you went to the shelter and told the truth about what you found there. How horribly sad, but how lucky your new kitty found you. I wish we could save them all too. The oddest thing is, I was looking through my bookmarks for something and clicked on this link I had to your blog. I saw the kitten and immediately clicked off because I thought it was going to be a story of some woman who has let her cat have kittens and look how cute they are etc... I can't bear to read about that since I volunteer at a shelter full of cats and kittens needing homes. But then I decided to read the entry and was so glad I did. I love people like you who are willing to go to the shelter and face the realities and truly save a life. Hugs to you.

Linda M

So sweet of you to save Lizzie. I love Pride and Prejudice! Great name.

I also tagged you for the thinking blogger award because you always have interesting ideas about all facets of life. If you want to play, go to my blog:


your kitty is so sweet! I bet she has gotten so much bigger! I'm glad you could rescue her!

susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Soooo sweet! Who doesn't love a baby kitty. Melts my heart. Susan


How is lizzy? We haven't had an update lately?????


so adorable kitten.


Cute kitty! Happy Holidays!


what a cute name lizzie.


the kitten is so adorable :)

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